I Can't Change The World Until I Change Myself


I miss her smile
I miss her laugh
I miss her body
But I don’t miss her when she’s sad

I forgot

That NAS is the cure all for the feels epidemic


Is there anyone out there that can save me?


This is how I’m going to feel for a while, death is in my future

Le Sigh

I don’t think I’ll ever be happy

I wanna love someone again! I want to really love someone. Give them my attention, my time, and all my effort. God, I’m not asking to be loved, I’m just asking for your help to love others. Grant me the grace I need, please and thank you. Amen


I’m constantly conflicted between whether or not to kill myself because I don’t want to live in this sick world anymore


If I wanna stand up and fight against shit that sickens me


If I should just keep moving along aimlessly.

My crazy hair when i wake up in the morning

My crazy hair when i wake up in the morning